Edfinity for Educators

Full-featured homework system for
collegiate and school subjects

Mix-and-match problems

Select a course from our catalog and pair it with any OER or textbook you like.

Customize it, with access to over 35,000 problems currently at use in hundreds of colleges, including math-rich problems from the WebWorK Open Public Library.

Collaborate and share with your colleagues and the global community.

Manage an online course

Create a course and invite students to join.

Assign problem sets to students, setting availability and due dates.

Easily customize for homework or tests. Personalize feedback, number of attempts, hints, and much more.

Improve student outcomes

Monitor student progress and performance.

Study assessment metrics and drill down to identify trouble spots.

Engage students in real-time with problems and observe their responses, gaining instant insight into student understanding.

Author your own problems

Use an intuitive graphical editor to build sophisticated, multi-part TEAs (technology-enabled assessments) of different types and layouts.

Write mathematical problems that include randomization, formulas, real number, complex numbers, intervals, vectors, points and more.

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